Botânica, curso de Botânica para paisagistas


Importance of Botany in Landscapers Formation Have you ever stopped to think about how interdisciplinary the landscaper profession is? Have you realized that, to exercise the profession, we must have notions of architecture, art, botany, agronomy, design, ecology, urbanism, etc.? There are so many necessary themes / qualities that a beginner can even ... Read More
10 de December de 2018conapa
Free lecture addresses the topic: Growing Organic Red Fruits


Free lecture addresses the topic: Growing Organic Red Fruits Cultivation of Organic Red Fruits is the topic addressed in a free event given by agronomist engineer Ananda Vieira de Almeida. The event takes place on November 28, 2018, from 9am to 12pm, at UMAPAZ Headquarters in Ibirapuera Park. According to information ... Read More
21 de November de 2018conapa
Vertical Gardens in Minhocão


Vertical Gardens in Minhocão - Green closing the scar in the gray city Elevado Presidente João Goulart, popularly known as Minhocão, was built in 1971, during the government of Mayor Paulo Maluf. The construction is an elevated road connection approximately 5.5 meters high and 2.8 kilometers high ... Read More
12 de November de 2018conapa
Course: Sports and functional lawns - From the project to the execution


Course: Sports and functional lawns - From the project to the execution The Course: Lawns for landscaping, sports and functional areas - Project, Implementation and Maintenance aims to enable the student to develop works of excellence. The class is taught by the agronomist and technical director of “World Sports Soluções ... Read More
1 de November de 2018conapa
Free Landscape Architecture Course


Award-winning landscape architect will teach free course in Landscape Architecture The architect, urban planner and landscaper Juliana Freitas will teach a free course in Landscape Architecture - Design, layout and equipment in the external areas. The talent and work of the landscaper has already been recognized on national and international soil, by being awarded in events such as: ... Read More
31 de October de 2018conapa
Vertical Gardens Course in São Paulo


Curso de Jardins Verticais em São Paulo O curso de Jardins Verticais em São Paulo tem formato de laboratório e apresenta as principais técnicas e tendências do setor. O curso é oferecido pela instituição de ensino Alvarenga Neto Academy (ANA) e ministrado por professores de grande experiência no setor.  Técnicas relacionadas ... Read More
22 de October de 2018conapa
Curso de Gestão de Negócios no Paisagismo por Joaquim Alvarenga Neto


Joaquim Alvarenga will teach Business Management Course in Landscaping The Business Management in Landscaping course is offered by the educational institution in São Paulo, the Alvarenga Neto Academy (ANA), and taught by its founder, Joaquim Alvarenga Neto. The entrepreneur works in the business management sector the most ... Read More
3 de October de 2018conapa
Bosco Verticale – Inspirações de jardins verticais em prédios


Landscaping Trend: 3 inspirations of vertical gardens in buildings When it comes to vertical garden inspirations on buildings, Europe, Oceania and South America can be proud. Well, the buildings located in Milan, Sidney and Bogotá represent very well the impeccable execution of this type of landscape project. The projects ... Read More
2 de October de 2018conapa
Jardim Japonês – Palestra gratuita


Sarkis Kaloustian will give free lecture on Japanese Garden in SP The researcher, architect, urban planner and professor Sarkis Sergio Kaloustian will give a free lecture with the theme "Japanese Garden - Tradition, Modernity and Contemporary Breaks". The meeting will take place on November 10 at 2:30 pm, in the Kunito Miyasaka auditorium of the Centro Cultural Aliança - ... Read More
25 de September de 2018conapa
Congresso de Paisagismo


Landscaping Conference offers free online lectures The largest Conference of Online Landscaping in Latin America, Conapa - Estação Primavera 2018 will provide lectures for free access. The lectures will be shown from September 24th to 28th. The purpose of the event is to offer quality content on affordable landscaping ... Read More
19 de September de 2018conapa


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