Landscaping Courses in São Paulo - Alvarenga Neto Academy The landscaping courses in São Paulo are offered by the continuing education institution Alvarenga Neto Academy (ANA), the Conapa director. AN Academy was conceived and founded by agronomist and master in administration Joaquim Alvarenga Neto. Just now ... Read More
17 de September de 2018conapa
Patrick Blanc


Patrick Blanc will give 2 lectures in Brazil at the end of September Renowned French botanist and landscaper Patrick Blanc will land in Brazil, more precisely in Florianópolis - Santa Catarina later this month. The reason for the landscaper's visit to this tropical country is the participation in the ‘Brazilian Meeting and Symposium ... Read More
13 de September de 2018conapa
Jardins Verticais – Inspirações Internacionais


Landscaping Trend: Vertical Gardens - International Inspirations It is impossible to talk about trends in landscaping without mentioning vertical gardens. The green walls are present in several countries and have already proved that they are not just passing through, but that they are here to stay. The vertical gardens enhance the aesthetics of the city and enchant ... Read More
12 de September de 2018conapa
Construções verdes


Singapore has green buildings that every landscaper should know When it comes to sustainable green buildings, Singapore impresses in all aspects, be it in creativity, in the high use of sustainable elements or in grandeur. The gardens, roofs and green walls are real open air shows. No wonder that ... Read More
6 de September de 2018conapa
Ganhadores Concurso de Paisagismo


Landscaping Contest Winners - Conapa Novos Talentos 2018 The National Congress of Online Landscaping announced the winners of the 1st Landscape Contest ‘Conapa Novos Talentos 2018’. The main objective of the competition was to present and promote new names in professional landscaping. After lengthy evaluations and discussions the judges elected ... Read More
4 de September de 2018conapa
Paisagismo Tendência – Dicas de Iluminação


Landscaping Trend - Color and effect on landscape lighting Colors and their variations in tones are decisive in landscape lighting projects. The simple choice of a color, the variation of tone, the shape, focus and intensity with which it will be used can cause a radical change in a ... Read More
3 de September de 2018conapa
Criatividade em projetos paisagísticos


 9 tips for exploring creativity in landscape projects Exploring creativity in landscape projects is a task that requires the landscaper to master creation techniques and advanced knowledge about different areas of landscaping, such as: botany, lawns, vertical gardens, design, lighting, irrigation, among others. Knowledge is crucial, ... Read More
29 de August de 2018conapa
7 Erros na iluminação paisagística


See 7 Common Mistakes in Landscape Lighting Projects Some errors in landscape lighting projects are becoming common due to the repetition with which they have been made. There are simpler mistakes that are considered beginners and mistakes that are already more serious, as they put security at risk ... Read More
20 de August de 2018conapa
Cursos Presenciais de Paisagismo


Face-to-face courses of up to 16 hours that every landscaper must take - 2 Observing the growth of the landscape market in Brazil, the failures of landscaping professionals and due to the success of the article On-campus courses of up to 16 hours that every landscape designer must take, Conapa presents part 2, with ... Read More
13 de August de 2018conapa
Elétrica no paisagismo


Electric in Landscape Lighting - 8 Elements to Remember Landscape designers who work in the lighting area have a duty to give full attention to the electrical part of the landscape lighting, so that in addition to delivering a beautiful project, it guarantees the safety of the place and people and also provides practicality ... Read More
8 de August de 2018conapa


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