Green Roofs


Landscaping Trend: Green Roofs - International Inspirations Green roof, green roof, green roof or garden roof are some of the names given to the ecological solution that has become an international trend. Green roofs have conquered the world not only for their beauty, but for offering benefits such as: heat control in construction, retention ... Read More
7 de August de 2018conapa
Lighting techniques in landscaping


6 garden lighting techniques that every landscaper should know Lighting techniques in landscaping consist of enhancing the environment without necessarily lighting it completely. Landscape lighting is the art of working with light. Space becomes canvas and light plays the important role of ... Read More
26 de July de 2018conapa
Paisagismo tendência – Horta em casa


Landscaping Trend: How to convince the customer to have a vegetable garden at home Among the advantages of working in the landscaping sector is the variety of creative options that this trend-rich market offers. And one of the trends that promises to make many landscapers happy is the home garden. At the ... Read More
26 de June de 2018conapa
Cursos de paisagismo


Presential courses of up to 16 hours that every landscaper must take Thinking about the professionals who have not had much time, but who wanted to update themselves and achieve a differential, we have separated 5 presential courses in landscape design from Alvarenga Neto Academy, for up to 16 hours of duration that will be added to your career. ... Read More
18 de June de 2018conapa
Landscaping Contest


1st Conapa New Talents Contest - Landscaping Are you fascinated by the world of landscaping? Have experience in the area? And do you love talking about some of these themes: Technologies applied to landscaping, Projects, Urban Landscaping, Landscaping and society and Innovation in Landscaping (technique, materials, process, language)? How about participating in a contest to show ... Read More
30 de May de 2018conapa


Vertical Gardens and Green Roofs - Demand and 5 Advantages Vertical gardens and green roofs are a major trend in Brazil and worldwide, as they offer several benefits such as reducing heat and air pollution and even improving air quality. In addition to representing much of the profit ... Read More
29 de May de 2018conapa
3º Congresso Nacional de Paisagismo Online


Alvarenga Neto presents the 3rd edition of the National Conference of Online Landscaping, Conapa Conapa is the largest online National Congress in the sector. And this year it will have its 3rd edition that will have two modules. The autumn module in the 1st semester and the spring module in the 2nd semester. The event has ... Read More
18 de May de 2018conapa


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